• Click the Airline Tab, select if travel is Domestic or International.
  • Choose if One Way or Round Trip.
  • Click the Origin tab, then the destination of your choice.
  • Select the travel dates.
  • Choose the desired class of service, Economy or Business.
  • Input number of passenger/s for Adult, Child or Infant and Click “Search Tab”
  • Choose your preferred airline carrier in the selection and Click “Book Tab.”
  • Please input all the necessary information.
  • Click on Book to generate the ticket.


  • Booking request is based on the flight availability of the airline.
  • If the reservation's record is not generated, booking request should be placed on CBR (Call Back Request).
  • Please ensure all the details are properly filled out and all information are correct.
  • Please call the Helpdesk for any other concerns.
  • Please read the FARE RULES / Ticket Restrictions carefully prior booking. We are responsible for any penalty charges made by the airline.


  • Cancellation of ticket can only be processed at the issuing office where the reservation was made.
  • Tickets can be cancelled 48 hours prior Departure Time for Domestic flights, and 72 hours prior Departure Time for International flights.
  • For any changes of flight after the given period of time kindly coordinate directly with the airline.
  • In case of cancellation online is not accepted, kindly fill-out the Call Back Request form or call our helpdesk for further assistance. You also have the option to coordinate directly with the airline.
  • Please take note that we can only assist cancellations 48 hours before the flight departure for Domestic and 72 hours prior the flight departure for International to avoid ticket forfeiture.
  • All Cancellations, Rebookings and Amendments of flights which are more than 48 hours for Domestic and 72 hours for International can be accommodated. However We are not liable for any charges applied by the Airline.
  • For any inquiries regarding penalties, kindly refer to Fare Rules or contact our helpdesk for assistance.
  • For Cancellation Request, status will automatically change from Confirm to Cancel, which means your request was successfully completed. Once CANCEL flight status appears it will automatically be forwarded for refund process.


Types of Refunds:

  • Normal Refund or Cancellation - Cancellation of booking/ticket as requested by passengers/travel agents prior departure of the flight.
  • No-Show Refund- Passenger was not able to show up during the flight, usually with no-show penalty charges.
  • Partial Refund or Cancellation - refund for partially used ticket. Restrictions of the ticket must apply.

Refund for Flight Cancellations:

  • For all of the refund types mentioned above, the refund would be processed based on Airline's policy.
  • For certain refunds, special documents may be required .These documents can be sent via Email or Fax.
  • Original copy of Official Receipts, Authorization letter, Photocopy of company ID of the Manager/Authorized Signatory must be submitted to process the refund claims.
  • Cancellations should be made thru the issuing agency only.
  • For Refund Inquiry Concerns, please call our helpdesk or fill out our Call back request form.


  • Can I book more than 10 passengers? 
    Yes. Just Click the Air Group Booking Icon that can be found at the homepage and fill out the Group booking form. Once submitted this will be automatically forwarded to our Group Desk Team.
  • Can I change my Reservation Information like Name, Travel Dates, etc.?
    Yes. Changes in flight schedule can be processed only with direct coordination to the Airlines, but expect for corresponding surcharges such as rebooking fee and fare difference. Change name is not permitted since all airline tickets are non-transferable.
  • In the event that I miss an onward flight on a connecting airline, as a result of my first flight being delayed, will I be compensated? 
    No, we are not liable for any flight delays or interruption made by the airline.
  • What documentation can I use for my Refund Request? 
    You can use your ticket copy as it contains breakdown of the total amount you paid from us.
  • How to classify an Adult, Child and Infant passengers? 
    Passenger is considered Infant if age is 0-1 year old and 11 months , Child if age is 2-11 years old 11 months and Adult if age is 12 years old and above .
  • How do I book for an Infant? 
    If travelling with infant, kindly indicate it upon booking your flight. Please provide the date of birth and it is required to present a copy of the Infant’s Birth Certificate upon check-in.
  • What should I do if I need special assistance? 
    For special service assistance kindly indicate it in the remarks upon making reservation or you may call the airline for assistance and follow up.
  • What are the cancellation charges and how long will it take to get the refund processed? 
    Cancellation charges will depend on the airline policy and ticket restrictions, please see fare rules for reference. We can process your refund in 4 working days from time of cancellation; and additional 4-5 banking days for bank proccessing.
  • Can I get a refund if I miss my flight on the day of my departure? 
    If you miss your flight, it is already applicable for "No Show" charge and refund will depend on the ticket restrictions of the Airline.
  • When and how will I get a refund if the flight is cancelled? 
    Notice of cancellation of the flight should be requested from the airline in order to process the refund. Kindly send us the scanned copy by email or fax for our refund processing.
  • Can I reschedule my journey? If yes, what are the charges? 
    Yes if your ticket is rebookable. Charges may apply based on the ticket restrictions.
  • Can I travel if I misplace the identity proof given by me at the time of booking? 
    No .Passenger must present ID together with the ticket.
  • Does your site offer or accept any other special airline promos such as a frequent flyer program?
    No. Frequent flyer program is directly coordinated thru the airline for discounted purposes or special arrangements.

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